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 workshops First Aid 

in partnership with Angkor Tree Project

In September '17 when Guy visited the projects in Cambodia, he was accompanied by 3 nurses. They agreed to give a First Aid Training in a school of an befriended orginazation. We had been confronted with the lack of knowledge regarding first aid and basic hygiene several times, so this seemed the ideal opportunity to give a workshop. Cambodians don't tend to go to the doctor quicky, this due to lack of resources as the availability of a medical post, especially in remote areas. Kowledge of First Aid can be lifesaving in some occasions.

The workshop First Aid was taught by Cathérine Bekemans, Lisa Van Schoor and Sara Van Schoor from Brugge, Belgium.

Due to the large interest and the positive evaluation, we decided to organize short training for teachers and students, in partnership with Angkor Tree Project.

Aukas finances the project.

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