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Our goal: breaking the relationship between child labor, poverty and illiteracy



AuKaS is a Belgian non-profit organization that supports educational projects in Cambodia.
It is important that these projects are local initiatives that help the children escape from the vicious circle of poverty by offering them free education.


'Aukas' is the Khmer word for 'opportunities', and that is exactly what we want to offer these motivated children! 

On this website find out more about who we are, how we got involved, what we do, and what you can do.




"if opportunity doesn't knock... build a door"



  • The population consists of more than 16 million people.

  • The median age in Cambodia is 24.2 years.

  • The education system is one of the worst in the world.

  • Half of the children do not complete their primary education.

  • More than a third of the Cambodians live below the poverty line and survive on less than $1 a day.

  • The wage of a teacher is $100 a month.

  • The Khmer Rouge regime of Pol Pot killed a quarter of the Cambodian population between 1975-79.

  • Cambodia ranks one of the highest on the

  • It is the most bombed country in world history.

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