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Scholarshipstudents 202-2023

in association with Cambodian Children Border School

Education in the remote areas in Cambodia is still no obvious feat. Though figures are on the rise, the number of high school drop-outs remains significant. According to the World Bank, only 40% of Cambodian children complete their lower secondary education and barely 23% graduate from high school. 


The main cause for these low numbers is poverty: parents are compelled to put their kids to work. Schools that offer higher secondary education also tend to be few and far between, forcing families to make long treks they can't afford. 

Cambodian Ministry of Youth Education and Sport


During a visit to schools in the far north of the country in Dec 2016, we met mr. Vouern, a young English teacher at a local junior high. After school he was tutoring kids from surrounding areas. 


Over the course of many conversations, we got to know Vouern as a passionate young man with big dreams for the children of his community. He seemed most disturbed by the fact that many of his students never got to finish high school.


We helped him gradually develop his English school, 'Cambodian Children Border School', and decided to raise funds for a scholarship program, coordinated locally by Vong.

 We want to give financial support to motivated, underprivileged students, to clear the biggest hurdle on their path to graduation. 

What is the cost of a scholarship?


On an annual basis, it costs $ 700 (€ 603) to support a student to attend High school. This includes both educational expenses, such as food and dormitory at school. Research has shown that it is essential to include the costs of living in the package because otherwise the pressure is too high to start working.


Extra clases:          $ 30     (monthly basis)
Stationary             $  5     (monthly basis)

Food                    $ 24     (monthly basis)

Dormitory             $   3     (monthly basis)



books                   $   5      (yearly basis)

Clothes                  $  15      (yearly basis)



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