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The non-profit organization grew out of our volunteer work in Cambodia in 2013.

In 2015 we switched from temporary volunteer work to a more structural operation and the non-profit organization AUKAS was created.

From 2014-2017 we supported a school that taught English in Siem Reap. This support was discontinued due to lack of transparency and a breach of trust. In 2016, we started exploring opportunities to support young people in remote rural areas. On a project visit in 2016 with a local NGO, we got to know Vong Voeurn and the Pa'ov secondary school. After intense contact where we got to know the biggest needs and pitfalls of students, the idea of ​​a scholarship project was born. We did a thorough study of the expenses, with the help of local contacts (both teachers and local NGOs) who worked with scholarships. We also developed a selection procedure that gives everyone the opportunity, but where the financial situation, school results and motivation are the deciding factors to receive the scholarship.

In November 2017, the scholarship program started with 5 students. Every year we admit 5 new scholarship students in the 3rd secondary school. In this way the project grows slowly and it can always be adjusted where necessary.

Since 2020-2021 we support 20 students. This remains the total number of students for the scholarship.

Every year 5 students graduate and 5 new students join the program

Marjan Colombie - Administrator                    

        Guy Bekemans - Administrator

         Hannah Bekemans - member

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